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“I count myself hard to impress. But I was highly impressed after reading several sections of The Advantage-Makers. The material offers a wealth of excellent information and advice, allowing readers to move from research-based evidence to decidedly practical action steps.”
ROBERT CIALDINI, author of Influence: Science and Practice






Speaking: Advantage Making Insights

I generally deliver four types of speeches based on your organization's needs -

1) workshops for senior executive teams
2) speeches for senior executive teams
3) keynotes
4) speeches for business units, departments (marketing, HR, business strategy, product development), and non-profits as well (yes, there are advantage-making strategies in the non-profit arena as well.)

My objective is to deliver a memorable and impactful learning experience to your team, with an optimistic point of view. My goal is to leave your team with clear, actionable, advantage-making counsel.

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I offer insights in the following areas under the broader topic of "Advantage Making"

a) Are you an Advantage-Maker?
b) Snatching Victory from the Laws of Defeat
c) Interactions: How to Change Unproductive Games
d) The Code: T.I.P.S of an Advantage-Maker
e) Structure Shapes Behavior

The Advantage-Maker Strategy is designed to stack the deck in your favor. Disadvantages are for your competitors: not for you. In fact, Advantage-Making is central to all methods. All speeches and workshops are constructed to offer you profitable courses of action.

"The biggest mistake I made was not using your services sooner!"
Chuck Fox, CEO Chameleon Systems

I'm the first management consultant to combine leadership efficacy with the behavioral sciences. These are not random claims, but the hard science and case examples of real world leadership shifts that lead to organizational, strategic and business results. Few, if any, have engaged in this rare, exclusive integration of unique behavioral science knowledge with methodologies from the world's foremost authorities on leadership, influence, change, collaboration, and organizational performance. I have translated this body of work, as well as added some original insights, into immediately usable tools that enable pivotal changes, performance improvement and profitable application.

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