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“I count myself hard to impress. But I was highly impressed after reading several sections of The Advantage-Makers. The material offers a wealth of excellent information and advice, allowing readers to move from research-based evidence to decidedly practical action steps.”
ROBERT CIALDINI, author of Influence: Science and Practice











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Sun Microsystems: provided executive coaching, leadership development and organizational performance improvement to rapidly adapt, do more with less, conflict resolution and collaboration on controversial and contentious issues saving millions of dollars.

Actel: accelerated individual, team and organizational effectiveness. Reduced time to market by 6 months on key product initiatives.

Apple: consulting services

Oracle: consulting services

HGST (a WD company): consulting services

Xilink: executive development for senior management

Synopsys: worked with CFO and management team to improve department effectiveness.

Cadence Design Systems: strategic alignment offsite that enabled CDF organization to successfully collaborate on controversial issue in the midst of turbulent times.

MacroMedia: CIO strategy offsite.

BEA Systems: Building an Advantage-Maker Team

Chameleon Systems: CEO coaching on high stakes issues, Executive management team development.

Seagate EMS: worked with CEO and executive management team on organizational strategy and merger integration.

N.E.T: leadership development and organizational intervention for several cross functional departments; designed, developed and delivered The Ingenuity Lab.

Palm: Advantage-Maker leadership program

SiteSmith: helped start-up in key organizational alignment project.

QRS: shadow consulting on a Sales organizational turnaound meeting. Leverage the know how and ability of senior sales VP and their staff to create an outstanding, well received, pragmatic offsite that significantly improved sales.

CustomerCast: Leadership development and Organizational Speeches.

Hughes Lan Systems: COO and management development for the engineering department.

NetLabs: improved leadership team performance and organizational effectiveness, designed and facilitated strategic business and merger strategy meetings.


HBO & Co.: customized and applied the Ingenuity Lab that transformed a business deal from $200,000 to $2,000,000.

Affymax: strategic offsite for biology and chemistry departments

Health Quest: applied team ingenuity process to key issues

Mecon: team offsite - working on conflicts and key strategic challenges.


Visa: worked with VP's to evaluate major customer help desk and made triage design recommendations for keeping the multimillion dollar process working at higher levels.

Citibank: influence training for HR department.

Wells Fargo: organizational effectiveness and leadership development with the CIO and the IT department.


Pac Bell: key note speech.

Plantronics: Leadership development for CEO and executive team including organizational design, conflict resolution and influence strategies.

Professional Services

Dale Carnegie: researched, developed, designed and implemented a sales associate hiring model.

Synectics: created model for managing innovation with CEO and research staff.

Transportation & Packaging

FedEx: keynote speech to Western Region Sales organization.

Conifer Packaging: worked with CFO to improved cross functional team performance driving $4 million dollars in additional revenue.

Packaging Results: provided President leadership coaching.

Wawona Frozen Foods: keynote speech on change.


Natural Wonders: CEO coaching along with executive management team on key organizational and strategic initiatives.

Tavolo: strategic executive offsite. CEO said he had been trying to get the management team to do this for over two years and we did it in two days!

Client Voices

"The biggest mistake I made was not using your services sooner!"
Chuck Fox, CEO Chameleon Systems

"Steven is the first person I think of when confronted with high stakes organizational leadership issues. He's practical, provides actionable advice, and moves the process forward at light-speed."
-Marv Tseu, Chairman of the Board, Plantronics

"Steven has a deep understanding of the human side of organizational development, which leads to real successes. Not a textbook!"
- Barry X Lynn, CIO, Wells Fargo

"In the midst of major strategic changes, we created the best team and brought out the collective intelligence that enabled us to take effective action."
- Andre Schwager, CEO, Seagate EMS

"Steven is the most skilled consultant I have ever worked with. His skill, combined with his intuition gets results rapidly."
- Peg Wynn, VP HR, Xilinx
(#4 ranked most highly-admired companyto work for in 2003)

"Steven optimized and accelerated the effectivness of key individuals and the organization."
-Shelly Begun, VP-HR, Actel

"Steven brings something new to the table that adds to our strategic ability for better decision-making--be it negotiations, business strategies, or getting the best from our people."
-Roselie Buonauro, VP Marketing, NetLabs

"We had a tough leadership situation which Steven was able to turn around. We received a substantial return on our investment."
-Charlie Golden, Director OD, N.E.T.

“The key to Steven being a great executive coach is that he provides the right ideas with impeccable timing to impact the business results.”
-Curtis Sasaki, V.P Desktop Software Engineering, Sun Microsystems

"Steven Feinberg is the only leadership strategist who discovers unexpected solutions for you in places where others wouldn't even know to look."
-Bill Fields, CEO, Packaging Results

"Managers are asking me how I had the foresight to be right on a high stakes decision. I say - they need the right advisor. Steven is that guy."
-Cory Wong, Director Sun Microsystems

"Steven took our group of managers and molded us into a high-performance executive team."
-Rob Rubenstein, CEO, Natural Wonders

"Steven is worth his weight in gold, he reduced the disconnects and discontent and kept us focused on the finish line."
- Phil Brandmeier, Director, Sun Microsystems

“Steven helped us rethink a $200,000 deal we were negotiating to become a $2,000,000 deal. He doesn’t train people, he teaches you to think! A rare and invaluable resource."
- Ken Kec, EVP National Sales, HBO & Co

“In the midst of the economic downturn, a RIF with a hiring freeze, implementation of a major global ERP system, and with a powerful need to do more with less, we used Steven’s Advantage-Maker Leadership strategy and saved over $1.5 million dollars."
- Jim Haar, Director, ERP-IT, Sun Microsystems

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I design and develop advantage-making programs that have turned around organizations, teams, and leaders in multiple industries and business environments.

Learn more about my:
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My clients include Fortune 500 firms as well as start-ups, including Wells Fargo, Visa, Citibank, Sun Microsystems, Plantronics, Symantec, Cade nce Design Systems, HBO & Co., BEA Systems, Synopsys, NVidia, Pac Bell, Xilinx, Affymax, firstRain, and many more.

For me, getting leadership right means acting as an Advantage-Maker.

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