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“I count myself hard to impress. But I was highly impressed after reading several sections of The Advantage-Makers. The material offers a wealth of excellent information and advice, allowing readers to move from research-based evidence to decidedly practical action steps.”
ROBERT CIALDINI, author of Influence: Science and Practice






About Steven Feinberg, PhD

For over 30 years, I have applied the study of human behavior to performance efficacy. For the past 22 years, I have advised senior executives on key leadership, team, and organizational issues.

As president of Steven Feinberg, Inc., my major emphasis is on Advantage Maker Strategies which build leadership efficacy - strategic moves that lead to profitable courses of action.

Is Steven Feinberg Right for You?

I don't work with everyone and you shouldn't either!

It is important that there is a match between what you want and how I can contribute to your success. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and resources. If there is a match, we can be very productive and successful.

Steven Feinberg's Advantage-Maker Strategy is for you if you need:

- to leverage your leadership
- to rapidly adapt yourself or your team
- to move the organization forward
- to become a more influential force
- to create a profitable course of action
- real ongoing advice that gets you to the finish line instead fly-by training that doesn't work
- credible advice and an advisor that has a proven track record

You've got a big job: you need to take a profitable course of action. The organization needs you to succeed. You need to be influential to move minds, resources, and objectives forward. You don't want to inadvertently bungle this opportunity. You know you are capable, and you know there are better ways that achieve a hidden upside, greater leverage, and do more with less, faster, and cheaper.

If you look at your own success patterns, there are secrets to your success. When you follow your success pattern, you succeed. You recognize that you aren't always successful; you don't achieve the result you were most after all the time. There may be underlying patterns to this that you haven't looked at in you, or your organization.

You know that people can be great. Sometimes it is playing to your strength. Sometimes it is knowing your blindspot and delegating to those who are better and more willing to do certain tasks. Sometimes it requires you to adapt to the changes--not always easy. Sometimes it is simply learning a few new tricks of the trade. Sometimes it is changing your strategy.

As a leader you need to provide direction, protection and action. Are you stacking the deck in your favor, or are you at a disadvantage and need to change?

You may be taking action that is not profitable; that is, you may be unwittingly maintaining the problem rather than creating the results you are after. You are results-oriented but for some reason you are being thwarted; is it your approach? Is it the underlying organizational structure?

Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done now. You are going to perform at your best, anything less is undesirable. You are an advantage-maker and you want the advantages to be stacked for you, and your organization, rather than be at a disadvantage.

My Advantage Maker programs have turned around ailing organizations, teams, and leaders, including:

  • implementing a customer acquisition, retention, and growth program that generated a $4 million revenue boost to a company that was losing customers daily
  • transforming an executive from a must-get-rid-of million dollar legal liability into a much-sought-after leader to work for
  • enabling a non-adaptive organization in the midst of a major economic downturn, corporate RIF, and hiring freeze to save $1.5 million and rapidly adapt to the changes supporting its successful implemention of a major global ERP system.

For the past 18 years I have also served as an adjunct faculty of the University of San Francisco's Department of Organizational Studies. I teach courses on leadership and practical strategies for increased organizational efficacy. My keynote speeches have awakened a variety of organizations and professional associations.

My clients range from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups including Wells Fargo, Visa, Citibank, Sun Microsystems, Plantronics, HBO & Co., Synopsis, Seagate EMS, N.E.T, Affymax, Conifer, CustomerCast, Hughes Lan System, Natural Wonders, Synectics, Pac Bell, Xilinx, Docent, and Chameleon Systems to name a few. His clients consistently say, "I wished I had used you sooner."

I graduated magna cum laude at State University of New York at Buffalo, received an MSW at Tulane University, and my PhD from Professional School of Psychology, San Francisco.

My recent book, The Advantage Makers: How exceptional leaders win by creating opportunities others dont (Financial Times Press, 2007) reveals secrets to creating your own superior outcomes in every situation and is available in major bookstores everywhere.

Client Voices

"The biggest mistake I made was not using your services sooner!"
Chuck Fox, CEO Chameleon Systems

"Steven is the first person I think of when confronted with high stakes organizational leadership issues. He's practical, provides actionable advice, and moves the process forward at light-speed."
-Marv Tseu, Chairman of the Board, Plantronics

"Steven has a deep understanding of the human side of organizational development, which leads to real successes. Not a textbook!"
- Barry X Lynn, CIO, Wells Fargo

"In the midst of major strategic changes, we created the best team and brought out the collective intelligence that enabled us to take effective action."
- Andre Schwager, CEO, Seagate EMS

"Steven is the most skilled consultant I have ever worked with. His skill, combined with his intuition gets results rapidly."
- Peg Wynn, VP HR, Xilinx
(#4 ranked most highly-admired companyto work for in 2003)

"Steven optimized and accelerated the effectivness of key individuals and the organization."
-Shelly Begun, VP-HR, Actel

"Steven brings something new to the table that adds to our strategic ability for better decision-making--be it negotiations, business strategies, or getting the best from our people."
-Roselie Buonauro, VP Marketing, NetLabs

"We had a tough leadership situation which Steven was able to turn around. We received a substantial return on our investment."
-Charlie Golden, Director OD, N.E.T.

“The key to Steven being a great executive coach is that he provides the right ideas with impeccable timing to impact the business results.”
-Curtis Sasaki, V.P Desktop Software Engineering, Sun Microsystems

"Steven Feinberg is the only leadership strategist who discovers unexpected solutions for you in places where others wouldn't even know to look."
-Bill Fields, CEO, Packaging Results

"Managers are asking me how I had the foresight to be right on a high stakes decision. I say - they need the right advisor. Steven is that guy."
-Cory Wong, Director Sun Microsystems

"Steven took our group of managers and molded us into a high-performance executive team."
-Rob Rubenstein, CEO, Natural Wonders

"Steven is worth his weight in gold, he reduced the disconnects and discontent and kept us focused on the finish line."
- Phil Brandmeier, Director, Sun Microsystems

“Steven helped us rethink a $200,000 deal we were negotiating to become a $2,000,000 deal. He doesn’t train people, he teaches you to think! A rare and invaluable resource."
- Ken Kec, EVP National Sales, HBO & Co

“In the midst of the economic downturn, a RIF with a hiring freeze, implementation of a major global ERP system, and with a powerful need to do more with less, we used Steven’s Advantage-Maker Leadership strategy and saved over $1.5 million dollars."
- Jim Haar, Director, ERP-IT, Sun Microsystems

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