About Steven

About Steven


Steven Feinberg, PhD is a Neuro-Strategist, the leading authority on applying the study of brain shifts to Advantage-Making behavior. The Advantage-Maker Guidance System shifts the odds in your favor.

For over 30 years he has been advising entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporation; he has consulted and coached, owners, senior executives, and C level leaders ranging from the Corporate 500 to Start-Ups, including LinkedIn, Visa, Oracle, Hitachi Global Storage Tech, Wells Fargo, HBO & Co., Sun Microsystems, Plantronics, Symantec, NVidia, BEA Systems, FirstRain, Affymax, Satmetrix, Autodesk, and others.

Steven has taught at the University of San Francisco School of Management and School of Education for over 28 years, focusing on Organizational Behavior and Leadership as well as an adjunct faculty for , Santa Clara University and Golden Gate University; he has guest lectured at UC Berkeley, Stanford and Cal Poly.

Steven is the author of The Advantage-Makers: how exceptional leaders win by creating opportunities others don’t, currently in its second printing and in Korean.

Steven has been a guest on KGO radio reaching over 1 million people.

The New York Police Department of Public Affairs used The Advantage-Maker at a conference for Homeland Security in NYC.

An international speaker, his topics include,  “How you can be an Advantage-Maker” ,  “How to Shift the Odds in your Favor in the Face of Obstacles”, “How to Snatch Victory from the Laws of Defeat” and “The Structural Advantage” and more recently, “Your Advantage-Making Brain”

Is Steven Right for You?

I don’t work with everyone and you shouldn’t either!

It is important that there is a match between what you want and how I can contribute to your success. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and resources. If there is a match, we can be very productive and successful.

You’ve got a big job: you need to take a profitable course of action. The organization needs you to succeed. You need to be influential to move minds, resources, and objectives forward.

You don’t want to inadvertently bungle this opportunity. You know you are capable, and you know there are better ways that achieve a hidden upside, greater leverage, and do more with less, faster, and cheaper.

Steven Feinberg’s Advantage-Maker Strategy is for you if you need:

  • To leverage your leadership

  • To rapidly adapt yourself or your team

  • To move the organization forward

  • To become a more influential force

  • To create a profitable course of action

  • Real ongoing advice that gets you to the finish line instead fly-by training that doesn’t work

  • Credible advice and an advisor that has a proven track record

More About Steven

As President of Steven Feinberg, Inc., my major emphasis is on Advantage Maker Strategies which build leadership efficacy – strategic moves that lead to profitable courses of action.

I design and develop advantage-making programs that have turned around organizations, teams, and leaders in multiple industries and business environments.

Using the Advantage-Making principles Steven:

– Multiplied the gain from a sales engagement deal from $200K to $2Million working with the National VP Sales in a half day meeting.

– Turned a business that was losing customers into a repeatable $4 million dollar gain. Using the 5 Perspective-Shifting Advantage-Making Questions, we identified, within 1 hour, the underlying structural conflict, established alignment & improved teamwork , with the CFO’s blessing

– Coached a Director, who was perceived negatively, to establish his executive presence and frame his arguments powerfully. He was  promoted to a VP by the same executives who questioned his contribution.

Steven graduated magna cum laude from State University of New York Buffalo; MSW from Tulane University and a PhD from Professional School of Psychology San Francisco

In developing his Advantage-Maker methodology, Steven has been a shoe-shine boy, newspaper delivery, stock clerk, carnival barker, waiter, coordinator college registration problem solving desk, door man, drug counselor and community organizer, worked in his family owned pizza restaurant, international negotiator, manager, counselor, professor, master’s degree program director, speaker, most importantly father and husband and most amusing a New York City taxi driver.

Where do we go from here?

How is the Feinberg approach unique?

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